Yes You Can, Residential Green Remodeling

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is a cost effective and easy way to reduce greenhouse gases.

If just one-quarter of the single-family homes in the United States reduced their energy use by 20%, it would prevent 48 million tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere each year.   That’s the equivalent of removing 10 Million cars from the road. 

Where to start?   Anything that makes your electricity, heat or AC go on unnecessarily costs money and increases CO2.

Get your home tested for air leaks

Consider high performance insulation and windows

Get efficient lighting, appliances and mechanical systems

Increase day lighting with windows and solar tubes

Optimize natural ventilation

Change light bulbs from incandescent to compact fluorescents

No more money down the drain – save 10,000 gallons a year

Replace old toilets with clean low-flow models

Modern showerheads deliver customized streams with less water

Resource Conservation

Efficient use of construction materials to minimize waste

Materials with recycled content 

Rapidly renewable materials

Solar panels and solar water heating

Healthy Happy Family

Paints and finishes with Low- VOC or zero VOC 

Re-upholster family favorite furnishings instead of buying new

Use formaldehyde- free plywood and particleboard in building

Humidity control

Create a Family Garden of edibles in pots on the patio or in your yard

You don’t have to do everything, just do the things that make sense for your home. Going green is a process, start with one change, plan for the next change and talk it up with friends and family.  It can be fun, easy and you know your grandchildren’s grandchildren with be happier and healthier for your efforts!

You can move one step at a time, and save money with each action!

This home renovation served as a case study for the ASID and USGBC-led REGREEN Program workshop, and shows how green design can be easily and beautifully integrated into an existing building.

Suzi is a San Diego based Interior Designer who is increasingly moving her practice towards “green values and lifestyle”. She is an Allied Member of ASID and an active volunteer with the USGBC and National Charity League. Suzi lives with her husband in Point Loma/Ocean Beach and works on a beautiful healthy planet for everyone’s kids. 

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