Advanced Framing Guide Offers Solutions for Energy-Efficient Construction

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has set a goal of net zero energy for residential buildings by 2020 and for commercial by 2030. The idea is to produce new projects with zero reliance on fossil fuel. It is not clear how this will be achieved, however it will likely require a combination of high energy efficiency and cogeneration of energy on site. One methodology to achieve high energy efficiency is the implementation of Advanced Framing...

Announcing the Passive House Alliance San Diego Chapter

​Last November I was approached by legendary energy guru Dadla Ponizil, asking if I would be interested in helping him form a San Diego Chapter of the Passive House Alliance. Little did I know that at the second meeting of the Chapter on March 14th I would end up becoming its first President.

Passive House is a set of design principles and a quantifiable performance standard applied to any building project, producing radically less energy needs, unparalleled comfort and supreme air quality.