Get Credit!

Did you know that reporting your San Diego Green Building Council volunteer hours through could help you with LEED Credential Maintenance? Tracking volunteer hours also helps SDGBC with tax reporting, as well as applying for grants.

One way to report your hours is by registering for SDGBC committee meetings you attend. For example, register for the Aug. 9 Marketing and Membership Committee meeting by clicking here.  Then, you can meet a great group of people and contribute to San Diego Green Building Council awareness projects  such as branding, social media development or promoting events. The latest membership project underway is creating a membership benefits program in which like-minded San Diego businesses such as farm-to-table restaurants offer discounts to SDGBC members.  

You can also report your SDGBC volunteer hours here

Need help using those volunteer hours for your LEED credential maintenance? The San Diego Green Building Council is holding a workshop on reporting LEED credential maintenance
activity to the GBCI  (Green Building Certification Institute) Aug. 16. The GBCI oversees LEED professional certification and project certification under the LEED rating system. Register here.  

Thanks for volunteering!